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IT Audit and Assessment

IT audit and assessment is one of our key services wherein we investigate and confirm if your business is in compliance with the required agency or authority’s set protocols. It is otherwise known as a compliance test. During the course of the assessment our auditors ask your representatives a set of questions related to your operations. We evaluate your organization’s compliance depending upon the answers received. Based on our findings, we give you a rundown of the vulnerabilities and blind spots in your operation that could lead to a violation of compliance. Other areas we cover through our IT audit and assessment service are IR risk management, corporate governance and IT controls. Our assessment is independent and is made using a structured approach.

Cloud Risk Assessment

Cloud security is not an optional proposition. It is critical to your organization’s cyber security posture. We help businesses reap the most of their cloud infrastructure by keeping their system risk-free round the year. We understand that not all security controls are automatic. So we bring to you tailored cloud risk assessment service through which we help you manage your cyber risks. We scan through the security of your data, platform, applications and infrastructure to identify the risks it faces. Level up your cloud strategy by including a cloud risk assessment test every now and again because managing online risks is a shared responsibility.

Web Application Vulnerability Assessment

An internet-facing system is exposed to a series of threats ranging from code injection attacks to authorized access. CecureData runs a systematic review of your information system to identify the security weaknesses faced by your concerned applications. Our job is to evaluate the susceptibility of the system. We scrutinize what known and unknown vulnerabilities a system is exposed to and assign to those weaknesses severity levels. Along the way, we recommend mitigation and preventive measures that can make your system more immune to the vulnerabilities.  We make sure that there isn’t an insecure setting in your system that can compromise your security by either fixing or preventing.

Data Protection/ EU GDPR Consulting

The General Data Protection Regulation requires all businesses under it to maintain compliance and that is constantly impacting businesses. The purpose of GDPR is to set rules that give EU citizens better control and security of their business data. The idea behind is for common business people to reap the full benefits of digital economy. We, at CecureData make sure that your organization is always in compliance with these changing rules. We support businesses in addressing the many challenges involving their data privacy and find the most fitting approach to meet their goals. 

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